Functional patterns

Functional Patterns is a training methodology that was founded in 2006 by CEO Naudi Aguilar.Naudi has conducted seminars globally certifying practitioners like us. We confidently say that Functional Patterns is the best in the fitness industry, take a look at the results achieved world wide by Functional Patterns practitioners


Unlike other point of human history, the greatest health  crisis we face as a species is the imbalances that exist within our modern society and our misalignment with nature.This has had a substantial impact in our movement capabilities as we’ve shifted our daily practices from their roots in natural processes towards sociocultural processes

How do we find balance in today’s world with all the dys-biosis that surround us? It’s simple, our adaptability to the natural environment determines our health. The better balanced we are with nature, the longer and stronger we live. For humans, this means brings us back to the beneficial aspects od our evolutionary blueprint that made us halthy to begin with.


There’s an evolutionary blueprint to all organisms and Functional Patterns has been cracking the code in human movement for nearly 15 years.Resulting from tens of thousands of hours in testing, we have pioneered the FP methodology, syincing the physics of our natural environment to our health better than any other system out there

Our conclusion has been to train humans according to their biological movement charasterics: 

Standing, Walking, Running and Throwing-The “FP Big 4”

By optimizing these four for human functions, achieving better health is not a gamble, but an inevitability. This is what it means to train Functional Patterns!



We take the guesswork out of taking care of your body!

Benefits :

Address Dysfunctional Movement

Increase Muscle Mass

Manage stress

Drop Body Fat

Reduse Risk of Injury

Improve Energy

Get better Sleep

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