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Professional And Experienced Sport Scientist &Human Biomechanics Specialist

Why Choose Us

1. We Provide Longterm Results

In Athens Biomechanics Training we utilize Functional Patterns methodology. We focus on solving problems.That's why we obtain longterm results for our clients. Learn to move efficiently  and make all the gains without joint pain !

2.We Look at Human Body Differently

We see the human body as one system. Biomechanics and is the refers of how your body moves and affects all systems of your body . Let's say that you have a lower back pain, we don't focus on that area, We focus on the areas which causes the pain.We don't focus on the symptom, but in whole system of your body. By intergrating your muscles, we achieve obvious results and make you live pain free!

3. Techniques Relates to Nature's Blueprint

By prioritising the forces applied biological movement characteristics, we are able to improve your overall health and movement. Standing, Walking, Running, and Throwing - By optimizing these four human functions, achieving better health. Let us teach you how!

4. Train with Precision and Accountability

Dedicate to plan specific training programs around your personal dysfunctions. With attention to detail we solve physical problems that other training systems fail to fix.

Our clients answer

Do you Recommend us for Pain Elimination?
Did you feel Pain Reduce After Your First Session?
Do you Live and Move Totally Pain Free
YES 85%
Did you increase performance and strenght?
YES 90%
Is Online Training efficient as One on One Training?
YES 80%
Do you Live and Move Totally Pain Free?
YES 85%
Did you avoid any surgery or other approach because of our training?
YES 83%

You Need Help with your Body?We Are Experts in Human Body Services!

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