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BSc Physical Education& Sports A.U.Th. Human Biomechanics Specialist

As a Judo champion, I had a surgery on the left knee after a severe injury.
I was in pain for 8 years.
I fixed my dysfunctions and I move and live pain free now!
As a Human Biomechanics Specialist, I am committed to helping people to move and train efficiently!
Exercise is the tool which provides you with quality of life. Let me show you how.
Nicole Kaseri


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What We Do

Understanding biomechanics means that we view the body as a whole system. In practice:

  • We analyse the way that you move properly (gait cycle analysis) and we focus on the dysfunctional points of your posture. (posture analysis)
  • Also we apply:
  • MyoFascial Release techniques to loose tight muscles, 
  • Corrective Exercises to decompress areas of your body and align your posture
  • Dynamic and Multidimentional Exercises to engange different muscles that need to be strengthened

We utilize only protocols of the Functional Patterns method: that's why we provide long-term results

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