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This specific method is based on human biomechanics. It is the science that refers to the way the body (bio), moves (mechanics). It refers to how the body is made to move. For this reason, we look at human body as a system, analyzing the posture  and the way of walking (gait cycle).

The exercises applied affect and change the posture of the body and the way of walking. In this particular method, we apply myofascial release (relaxation of muscles that cause pain), corrective and dynamic exercises

First of all, it is indicated at all people who want to exercise without injuries and pain.

It is also indicated for people who have neurological problems (e.g. Parkinson’s disease, cerebral palsy or  a stroke)

It is also indicated for people with musculoskeletal problems (kyphosis, scoliosis, lordosis) or pain (lower back, hips, knees, neck or shoulders)

In one sentence “We treat the causes and not the symptoms of a problem.” In this particular method,the body is treated as a system. Suppose someone has lower back pain. We don’t focus on that point. It is not the specific point that triggers the pain, this point is the symptom. By focusing on other points that are connected to the lower back and are the causes of pain, we achieve visible and above all long-term results! By connecting the human body, we treat the causes not the symptoms. And talking about long-term results means that through a series of sessions and a process of dedication, precision and responsibility from both the athlete and the specialized professional, the body has the ability to change its position and movement in space and finally a person can live without pain for years. Why?Because the problem is solved from the cause, not from the symptom!
This particular method is unique compared to other rehabilitation or training approaches. Also in this particular method there is minimal physical contact with the exerciser . All the changes and techniques applied,are made exclusively by the exerciser himself while at the same time following instructions given according to his dysfunctions and movements.
This particular method is unique compared to other rehabilitation or training approaches. Also, in this particular method there are very few techniques in which the exerciser is lying down. In most techniques and exercises, the exerciser is in a standing position. This is because this is the biological construction of the human body. We apply techniques and exercises based on standing, walking, running and throwing, according to the human evolutionary model.
For those experiencing pain, we advise do not apply other training method as in the majority of cases, the existing movement pattern is causing the pain. Through the method we apply we change this movement pattern and until this is done, -ideally- no other activities should be done.
Most of exercisers who visit us have already tried some other approach. In a survey of our clients, 87% of respondents had results from the first session while 85% live and move without pain. In most cases we get results and finally the method proves to be helpful.
It is one of the most frequently asked questions. The answer to this question is very relevant. It depends on several factors, such as: if there is pain in certain areas or how severe is the pai Very important factor is the dysfunctions of the body in general.   Other important factors are the frequency of sessions as well as the dedication of applying techniques and exercises by the exerciser himself. Other important factors are diet, sun exposure as well as hormonal factors or lack of vitamins and minerals. It is a multi-factor process of change towards outcome and what we recommend is commitment to the process. With dedication to the process the results are inevitable!
In a survey of our clients, who tried both in person and online session, 80% responded that it had an equally significant effect in the online session. In fact, many of them doubted the effectiveness of the online session, but in practice they realized the opposite.
Yes, equipment is required for online sessions. More detail: Mat, bands with handles, dumbbells, a medicine or basketball ball, a lacrosse ball, 2 sticks, a loop band with ankle straps. For residents in Greece, we provide all the necessary equipment and send it to the exerciser’s place.
2 times/week is recommended as a minimum frequency. There are exercisers who do it once a week who also have results, it just took more time and consistency on their part. In any case, it requires dedication, consistency and responsibility from both the exerciser and the professional – specialized in the specific method.

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