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Sessions with specific techniques and exercises, the main objective of which is to relax the areas that have tension and at the same time to activate the weak points of the body. We apply myofascial release, corrective posture exercises, breathing exercises and basic exercises to connect the myofascial lines in order to combat pain.

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Myofascial release (MFR), is a self-massage technique, with the purpose of relaxing tight tissues. These tissues are known as "trigger points". Using special equipment and the body weight, we release those trigger points. In some cases, MFR is applied by the specialized professional in human biomechanics. We teach you different release techniques so you can begin to deal with the pain and improve the way you move. Myofascial Release, (MFR) is the first step in addressing the pain process.


We use various techniques to make sure that your posture is aligned according to the laws of the biological construction of the human body. Some of the techniques we use are joint stacking and active decompression of the spine. The above techniques create a stable posture which forms the basis for all further exercises. Posture is a particularly useful indicator of your physical condition. It shows the relationship between gravity and your body.


Diaphragmatic breathing is essential for efficient movement. Establishing effective breathing through biomechanics will allow you to decompress your spine while simultaneously activating your core muscles (trunk, abdominal and lumbar muscles). Breathing exercises are very important for aligning your posture, especially for people with rounded shoulders (shoulders forward) or people with a kyphotic posture.


Having managed to create a stable base (see postural alignment), we integrate the muscle groups so that you can move efficiently. What does "integrate the muscle groups" means? WE DO NOT FOCUS ON A SINGLE MUSCLE GROUP (e.g. quadriceps or chest, etc.) We apply basic corrective exercises, which are based on the way of walking (gait cycle). Our aim is to create tension in weak points and effectively use the strong points of the body. This step of the process replaces old movement patterns with new, effective patterns that give you long-term results.


Try our Specific Services and Get Out of Pain!
The First Step is the Assesment Session and then you continue Online or In Person Training (if you based in Athens)
Last but not least , we provide specific out of pain services in small groups (up to 2pax/session)


A 90 minute session which is the first result on your body.
Includes medical history recording, gait analysis, posture analysis, release of myofascial tissues to combat and reduce pain, corrective basic exercises. This is the introduction to biomechanics.

Personal Training

It is the right choice for those who have pain and want to deal with it, as well as for those who want a personal training program 100% adapted to their needs and goals.

Online Training

Are you at a distance but you want to fight your pain?
Do you want to train efficiently but you don't have time to come to the gym? Online session is the best choice for you. 8 out of 10 customers who tried an online session said it was just as effective as the live class! We provide all the necessary equipment you need to get started!

Small Group

It is our unique group service aimed at everyone who wants to keep fixing physical issues. We do not negotiate the quality of the service and your physical health! That's why this group is designed only for 2 people!


“I had lower back pain for days. I have a kyphotic curve so this type of pain was usual for me even though I am only 41 years old.
We make an One On One session with Nicole, and the pain dissappeared after the session. I felt my body more connected. I am continuing the sessions and I follow the addressing pain steps (MFR, Posture Improvement etc) for longterm results! I trust Nicole and I believe that I am on the way to live totally pain free "


I had severe pain on the right shoulder and on the neck.Also I had a surgery on the neck a few years ago.I couldn't sleep at night because of the pain.After the first session with Nicole -even though was online-I had a massive reduce of pain. A week later, I could sleep again without any pain. I am 55 years old but I continue solving my physical dysfunctions and that's make me feel much more younger!


"I never had pain in my body but one day I woke up with hip pain. I had an "INCREASE PERFORMANCE" training session with Nicole and I call her to cancel because of pain. She told me to come and fix the problem.When we finished the session I didn't have any pain! Thanks to Nicole for her help and her knownledge!"


"I am mother of two. I am very busy and at the same time I hold my son who is 2 years old, almost daily .One day I had severe pain on the shoulder blade. I called Nicole and told her about and we book an online session to address that pain. The reduce of pain was unbelievable! I could use my arm and shoulder in every activity I had to! Nicole Thank you very much for that ! I appreciated it


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