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Nicole Kaseri

BSc Physical Education& Sports-Human Biomechanics Specialist

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She studied Physical Education & Sports in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki with a specialization in Outdoor Activities and Sports Tourism.

In 2013 she continued her studies at the Universitè de Lille II in France. She was Judo champion for 10 years and a member of national judo team.

After surgery on her left knee, she quit every activity because of pain. In 2019 she started the Functional Patterns method to fix her dysfunctions and live pain free.

In 2022 she got certified as a Human Biomechanics Specialist. After her certification she worked in the European Headquartes of Functional Patterns in Madrid.

After returning to Athens,  she founded Athens Biomechanics Training in 2023

She speaks 4 languages. Greek (native speaker), English , French and Spanish.

 Today she is the first woman Human Biomechanics Specialist in Greece!

As a Judo champion, I had a surgery on the left knee after a severe injury.
I was in pain for 8 years.
I fixed my dysfunctions and I move and live pain free!
As a Human Biomechanics Specialist, I am committed to helping people to move and train efficiently!
Exercise is the tool which provides you with a high quality of life. Let me show you how.
Nicole Kaseri

Professional & Experienced Sport Scientist -Human Biomechanics Specialist

The First Woman Human Biomechanics Specialist in Greece

I Understand what it Means to Be in Pain.
Exercise is the Tool to Live Pain Free.
I am Committed to helping you have a high quality of life!

Nicole Kaseri

"My Journey to Functional Movement"
  • Born in Rhodes
  • 48kg Judo Champion Under 18
  • Member of the Greek National Judo Team
  • Student at Physical Education and Sports Department, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
  • Surgery on the left knee
  • Pain during daily activities 
  • ERASMUS Program Université de Lille II- STAPS, France
  • BSc Physical Education & Sports  A.U.Th
  • Specialization in Sport Tourism & Outdoor Activities

Work Experience:

    • Member of Sports Team at Ikos  Resorts, Chalkidiki, GREECE
    • Fitness Instructor at Bonanza Hotels, Malliorca, SPAIN
    • Fitness Instructor at Portblue Hotels, Menorca SPAIN
    • Outdoor Activities Guide at Green Oliver, Thessaloniki, GREECE
  • Fitness & Wellness Manager at Marriot Olea All Suite Hotel, Zante, GREECE
  • Personal Trainer at Holmes Place Athens
  • Start Functional Patterns Method
  • After applying Functional Patterns principles she started to move and live pain free during any activity
  • Human Foundation course (first certification in Functional Patterns method), Helsinki, FINLAND 
  • Human Biomechanics Course, Madrid, SPAIN
  • Work experience in Functional Patterns Europe Headquarters 
  • Founded Athens Biomechanics Training 

What means Human Biomechanics

Human biomechanics is a branch of science studying the impact of internal and external forces on human body. Sometimes biomechanics is identified with kinesiology but is a branch of biophysics-science that studies and describes laws of physics in biological systems –Biomechanics refers to the pain caused as a direct result of how your body (bio) moves (mechanics). It is used in sport and exercises, with two main purposes: to improve physical performance, and to prevent injuries. Also it can be used to analyse daily activities such as walking, standing, and running. Many aspects of our daily lives interact with or are informed by biomechanics.

What We Do

Understanding biomechanics means that we view the body as a whole system. In practice:

  • We analyse the way that you move properly (gait cycle analysis) and we focus on the dysfunctional points of your posture. (posture analysis)
  • Also we apply:
  • MyoFascial Release techniques to loose tight muscles, 
  • Corrective Exercises to decompress areas of your body and align your posture
  • Dynamic and Multidimentional Exercises to engange different muscles that need to be strengthened

The Highest Quality Training to Help You Move And Feel Better

Why Choose Us

1. We Provide Long-term Results

In Athens Biomechanics Training we utilize the Functional Patterns methodology. We focus on solving problems. That's why we obtain long-term results for our clients. Learn to move efficiently  and make all the gains without joint pain !

2. We Look at the Human Body Differently

We see the human body as one system. Biomechanics refers to how your body moves and affects all systems of your body. Let's say that you have lower back pain. We don't focus on that area, but we focus on the areas which cause the pain. We don't focus on the symptom, but on the whole system of your body. By intergrating your muscles, we achieve obvious results and make you live pain free!

3. Techniques Relate to Nature's Blueprint

By prioritising the forces of biological movement, we are able to improve your overall health and movement. Standing, Walking, Running, and Throwing are the biological characteristics of human beings - By optimizing these four human functions, we achieve better health. Let us teach you how!

4. Train with Precision and Accountability

We make a dedicated training programs based around your personal dysfunctions. With attention to detail we solve physical problems that other training systems fail to fix.

Our clients answer

Do you Recommend us for Pain Elimination?
Did you feel Pain Reduce After Your First Session?
Do you Live and Move Totally Pain Free
YES 85%
Did you increase performance and strenght?
YES 90%
Is Online Training efficient as One on One Training?
YES 80%
Did you avoid any surgery or other approach because of our training?
YES 83%

Need Help From a Professional Human Biomechanics Specialist? We Are Experts!

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