by Nikoleta Kaseri


BSc Physical Education & Sports A.U.Th.
Human Biomechanics Specialist

“As a Judo champion, I had a surgery on the left knee after a severe injury.

I was in pain for 8 years. I fixed my dysfunctions and I move and live pain free now! As a Human Biomechanics Specialist, I am committed to helping people to move and train efficiently!

Exercise is the tool which provides you with quality of life. Let me show you how.”

Nicole Kaseri

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Get to know the Functional Patterns method

Functional Patterns is a training method that addresses chronic physical pain in people with musculoskeletal and neurological problems, while increasing the body’s strength and performance.

By applying the protocols of the Functional Patterns method, visible and long-term results are achieved for your overall health!

Why Choose the Functional Patterns Method?



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Exercise effectively. Not usual!


Messages from our clients after sessions

"'I have one thing to say to you. You're great at your job. For the first time after work my back didn't bother me. I have no words. Really well done. Thank you very much"
Kalamata, Greece
"I feel so much stronger, my abdominals are on fire! No pain at all at the hip joint. Thank you very much for that session!"
Thessaloniki, Greece
"Every time we have a lesson, I feel that I strengthen the points I need and I feel my spine open and straight. I have also noticed that I sleep better. I have had issues with my sleep but now that seems to be changing."
Athens, Greece
"Today I realised that I am totally pain free in my upper back, and my hip joints. I could stand more than 15 min without pain! In the past, that was impossible! My husband also noticed that I walk differently! Step by step I achieve more and more things. Thank you so much!"
Athens, Greece

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